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Our partner Hotel

Our partner Hotel

Wellness Center

Our hotel is trying gratify all the needs of our guests, who wants to spend their holiday healthy, with the help of a 300 m2 wellness center.

The hydromassage is a very good method of relaxing your tired muscles, by mixing the hydro-therapy and ozone therapy effects. Through the system, your whole body will be among whirlpools effects, what is good for your lymph circulation,assist you blood housekeeping and also has a detoxication effect.

After relaxing in our finnish sauna, you can dip in one of our pools, having an extreme feeling thanks to the cold water. Then the comfortable sunbeds are giving you a chance of a relaxation, according to the finn habits, who use a thermo house int he field of 80-100 C deggrees with low humidity air (10%), meanwhile they hiting each others back with birches.

"Let the sauna makes you feel relaxing by forget
all of your problems for a little time!"

The steam cubicle works ont he temperature of 40-50 C degrees with high huminity. Having a cold shower is recommended after spending 10-15 minutes int he cubicle. The process can be repeated 2 or 3 times.

Take a 15 - 20 minutes rest beetween each one!

The advantage of the steam cubicle is that it does not bother your heart as on the high temperature working fin sauna. It is easy to perfume the cubicle with the provided flavors, clearing the respiratory tracts, influenting our psyhological statement, accordingly is suited for our spirit and mind.

Please try our aroma cubicle, too! The rooms with different termperature and huminitiy are usually perfumed with volatile oils. Sniffing the smell of these steams is an excelent experience, but your skin also enjoy the effect of htem through your pores. The special side of these volatile oils is the refreshing and relaxing effect.

Our range of wellness services will be complete with the salt cubicle, what is softing your skin and clearing the pores.


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